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Terms and conditions



These terms and conditions are set out in good faith and will be referred to by Motorparty historic car hire in the event of a dispute.
We ask customers to sign a booking form before the hire which clearly states that they have read, understood and agreed with these terms and conditons so please take time to become familiar with them.

We are very excited to be able to offer these splendid cars to you for hire and we hope you will be left with a lasting memory of a really special time. Happy motoring!


When placing a booking with Motorparty historic car hire the customer will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit to secure the booking. The balance is to be paid by one calendar month before the date of hire. The cost of the hire is not refundable.
However if the customer wishes to cancel the hire within this month, a credit note will be issued for the same amount paid, which is valid for 6 months from the date of the original hire. This credit note may be redeemed at anytime but is subject to availability of the car in question.

The customer should bear in mind before acceptance of the hire that although these cars are maintained to a good standard, we cannot guarantee 100% reliability. Cars have evolved over recent years to become extremely reliable. All our cars are mechanically original and as such we cannot rule out the possibility of breakdown. Should this happen we will endeavour to rectify the fault and if this is not possible we will either supply another car in it's place or issue a credit note for a future hire.

Should the weather be very bad on the day of the hire (i.e. snow and ice) we reserve the right to issue a credit note for a future date in place of the dates reserved. This, we feel is in the interest of our clients aswell as ourselves. This is obviously a point to note when booking a car for a special occasion (i.e. a wedding)

Motorparty historic car hire accepts no responsibility for items lost from inside the car. The locks on old cars are old fashioned and can be easy to break and the customer should be aware of this.

Any property left by the customer at motorparty's premises is left entirely at the customer's own risk.

All the cars will run on unleaded fuel unless stated otherwise. We ask that the customer returns the car with the same amount of fuel in the tank as there was at the start of the hire. When booking car please note daily mileage limit - see Tariff chart. Additional mileage will be charged at £1 per mile.

Driver profficiency

Before the customer sets off on their motoring adventure, we insist that they spend some time getting to know the controls and feel comfortable with the vehicle's performance. In the case of the older cars, the brakes are not nearly as responsive as those of a modern car and gear changing may require 'double de-clutching'. Each car has it's own idiosyncratic character which requires a degree of understanding by the driver and motorparty reserves the right to refuse hire to any person if it is felt that they are unable to control the car safely and with care.


For insurance purposes the following applies:
Anyone driving must
a)  be older than 25 and under 75 years of age
b)  have a clean driving licence except for minor endorsements (discretional)
c)  not have made more than one insurance claim in the last 3 years
d)  not have been refused insurance
e)  have held a full driving licence for atleast 2 years
Vehicles are fully comprehensively insured and this cost is included in the stated hire charge. There is an excess levy on the insurance which the person hiring the vehicle will have to pay in the event of an accident. By signing the Booking Form the person hiring the vehicle accepts liability for this charge
The insurance cover is for social and domestic use by the customer and disclosed drivers. The cover does not include use for any form of motorsport.
If for any reason an insurance claim has to be made and is refused due to the driver, at the time of the incident, not complying with these conditions then the driver becomes liable for the amount being claimed.

Obligations on the customer

By signing the booking form and accepting these terms and conditions the person hiring the vehicle agrees to the following charges:
a)  the excess towards an insurance claim
b)  payment for any mechanical damage incurred as a result of bad driving. i.e.
     tyre damage due to kerbing; damage to gearbox or clutch etc.
c)  excess hire cost i.e. late return (charged at twice weekend daily rate)

Motoring offences

By agreeing to these terms and conditions the customer acknowledges responsibility for respecting the law during the period of hire.
All signed documents will be kept on our files for a period of time after the hire period and will be used as a binding document stating the name of the customer and the dates of the hire period.

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